Artist Roster


2017  Participating Artists

The organizers of Spirits in Sanford  have taken great care to select artists with a unique spin on Halloween. With a penchant for details and a sense of the slightly off beat and wacky, the artists represented and their creations will cast their spell on you!


Darlene Allen

For me the Halloween artwork I do is inspired by the fun trick or treating of my childhood, it wasn't scary it was exciting. So my pieces are humorous, folk art style made of mohair, excelsior and other fabrics. Owls, Ravens, bears, wolves ,trick or treaters and odd characters come out to play. There will also be wall box pieces and jewelry art. Who's hiding out there?

Jorge de Rojas

The Holidays have always held a special place in my heart. It is during these times that I believe we have a chance to return to being a child, if only for a moment. For me no other Holiday holds the magic, mystery, wonder and excitement of childhood more than Halloween. As a collector of Vintage Halloween art it was only natural that I find myself returning to vintage decorations and publications for inspiration. Combining traditional papier-mâché techniques and using recycled and reclaimed materials including vintage finds. I create unique, original handmade holiday art. I try to briefly take you back in time to the joy of seeing classic holidays through the eyes of a child again and hopefully touching you with a smile.

Debb George

Hi, I'm Debb George(aka) Witchy Witch Debb of Halloween

JingleBells Boo. I'm a self taught mixed media artists. I do one of a kind Halloween creations from paper clay and gourds.I love Halloween and have a wild imagination that is spooky,wicked, whimsical, humorous and sometime sinister.

Stop by and see me anytime at :

Christopher James

is an award winning floral designer, self-taught artist, author and creator of his own television show, Just Imagine with Christopher James. He has a passion for life and everything he does. His inspiration is derived from the warmth of his childhood memories, family gatherings, the celebration of his October birthday and a vivid imagination to make it all come to life. Christopher’s life-long passion for holiday traditions has taken him into the world of retail and for over thirty years he just created one-of-a-kind pieces. Now he shares his Halloween and Christmas traditions with you.

Melissa Menzer

I am a normal looking person plagued by multiple

art personalities.  

Sculpting people and animals has always been part of my life.Growing up with parents who were both artists and antique dealers gave me the inspiration to combine the two to make

one of a kind assemblages.

Mandy Palumbo

Halloween has been my FAVORITE holiday ever since I was a wee one. From watching scary movies, or creating make shift haunted houses in my childhood home, to making bat wings out of construction paper for my Barbies, I have turned that love of Halloween into art. I am a self taught artist with some formal training from Youngstown State University that specifies in Halloween folk art, assemblage and watercolor (my new favorite medium). If it isn’t Halloween based, it definitely has a dark feel to it with inspiration from horror movies, New Orleans history and architecture, the fall season or even Mexican folk art. I like to incorporate nature into my art as well. Items I have collected from all over the country serves the purpose of becoming something beautiful in an art piece. Whether it be feathers, shells, mosses, or even humanely acquired animal bones, I like the organic feel it gives my art

Kim Sherrod

is inspired by vintage Halloween postcards featuring anthropomorphic images of pumpkin headed girls and uses paper mache, paper clay and fabric to create one of a kind, creepy but cute Halloween decor. You might say her work is cursed with cuteness!

Michele O’Neil

Michele O’Neil is a self-taught sculptor working with polymer clay and Paperclay. Her works are one of a kind, hand sculpted figures using a variety of finishing techniques to complete each piece.Michele’s inspiration often comes from vintage ephemera, antique fabrics and jewelry or personal exploration.

Michele has been creating her figures for 20 years and has shown her work throughout the country. Her figures have been published in Dolls, Contemporary Doll and featured in Susan Oroyons book, Designing The Doll.In 1999,

The figures are uniquely created so that the buyer has a creation that elevates the “doll” to a piece of art.

Iva Wilcox Folk Art

Since childhood, I have been enchanted by Halloween. The colors, the autumn sights and the feel of crisp fall breezes fuel my imagination as do vintage images of Halloweens long past. These inspire my spun cotton, paper mache and watercolors. My art reflects a more innocent side of Halloween, and I strive to make it look antique. Each piece looks as though it is from another century, like a well-loved toy or a long lost treasure.Often, I add vintage or antique findings to a piece, making it truly one-of- a-kind.

You can read more about my latest creations on my Halloween blog,, OR follow me on Facebook: Happy Hoween!











Amber Leilani

I am a self-taught doll artist from New Orleans, LA currently residing in the Miami area.

I spend my days inside my own head, puttering around my sunny studio, making mixed media art dolls that are inspired by Fairy Tales, Folklore, Pagan traditions, old New Orleans, Vintage Halloween decor, and the beautiful Mexican tradition of Dia de Los Muertos.

Lori Platt

will bewitch you with her wicked antics of Halloween at The Pixie Knoll! She has been conjuring creations from her clay for over 10 years now, with her latest accomplishments of having received the Dolls in Excellence Awards from Dolls Magazine 2013, 2014, and 2015. Although she continues to create her adorable pixies for The Pixie Knoll, her life-long love of Halloween gave way to her macabre side and exposed her studio to an unnatural trysting place of fiendish friends when she discovered how frighteningly fun it was to create witches, dark pixies and other unworldly and ghastly creatures. Her hair-raising ability to capture realism is perhaps the most chilling of her craft, with one collector describing her work as "it's so real, it's SCARY!"